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TIME Immersive

TIME Immersive


  • Kategória: News
  • Készítés dátuma: 2019-07-23
  • Jelenlegi verzió: 1.3
  • Korosztály: 4+
  • Méret: 153.80 MB
  • Fejlesztő: TIME
  • Kompatibilis: IOS 11.0 vagy újabb verzió szükséges
Pontszám: 3.20755
53 Értékelésből


"The TIME Immersive app brings TIME stories to life before your eyes using the power of augmented reality and virtual reality. From the surface of the moon to the heart of the Amazon rain forest, you experience journalism like never before. We’ll be adding new TIME Immersive experiences in the future, so be sure to check back for updates soon. *This application has been optimized for iPhone devices COMPATIBLE DEVICES iPhone: Only devices with iOS 11.0 and newer are compatible with this app Only iPhones 7 and newer are compatible with this app iPad and iPad Pro, and are not compatible with this app PRIVACY & TECH SUPPORT This app requires access to the device's camera and device's storage for saving media. When using the this app, please remember to stay aware of your surroundings. Please go to http://time.com/immersive-faq for full FAQ webpage or email [email protected] for any support you need."


TIME Immersive letöltés

A SilverPC IOS oldalon a TIME Immersive alkalmazás nem letölthető, az alkalmazást nem tároljuk. Oldalunk az alkalmazásról csak előzetes tájékoztatást és leírást ad mely adatok a hivatalos APP STORE-ból származnak. A letöltés gombra kattintva átirányítunk a hivatalos APP STORE-ba ahol letölthető a TIME Immersive alkalmazás.


  • What the @#*&?

    By n3trider
    App launches, tells me I need to install another app, then freezes. Call me old-fashioned, but if I install an app, I expect it to work. If it needs another app, then update the install script.
  • great app but purpose not met

    By I_Made_You_Read_This
    well cmon y’all got my hopes up when it doesn’t work with google cardboard!!

    By El Mikee
    One day I got a TIME magazine and talked about this app so I downloaded the app but when I tried the AR it would say loading for a few seconds and it crashed. I tried it again and again but the same thing happened.
  • So impressed!!

    By Kga1113
    Is it really the real thing? Of course not. But having sat in front of our black and white TV, and joining in the anxiety of Mission Control as the seconds ticked by, this app DOES bring back the experience. What a wonderful teaching tool for our youngest generation!! Kudos to TIME for bringing such a pivotal moment in history to life!! Kay A.
  • Application Review

    By joesxhmoe
    This is a piece of software junk. It will not load on a iPhone 6+ at current IOS software level.
  • Waste Of Time (pun intended)

    By Prizoner22
    Never loaded after 4 tries. Battery life went from 75% to 23% in 7 minutes.
  • Concerned about battery

    By InfiniteCRISIS21
    The app burns the battery really quickly. The app is okay, but not worth the battery drain. The only cool feature is the 3D flat surface, but the pilot feature isn’t that cool. All you can see is the cockpit of a plane and the background moves occasionally.
  • Pretty cool, but...

    By Larry McInnes
    I ran it twice and it froze about a minute in both times. Maybe I was moving around too much. Drained my battery from about 60% to 25% in those couple of minutes. Too bad.
  • Doesn’t Work!

    By hhhhggggkkkkllll
    Tried it on iPhone 6- downloaded the launch and the screen kept going back to Time app icon. Waste of time!
  • Google Cardboard doesn’t work

    By BeechF33A
    A neat app, but it doesn’t work to give a 3D view on Google cardboard. Disappointing.